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Renata Piskacisová
Sadová 323, Vidnava 790 55
Czech Republic
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  Health results of our litters.

Family news

Our life with Samoyeds started in 1999, when me and my husband decided to get a dog, Better say a bitch. We got all the books about breeds of dogs you can think of and started choosing the right one for us. We wanted her to be very friendly and especially to children. We wanted her to be a part of our life, a true member of our family with real personality, independent. That was a Samoyed. And of course, the smile, absolutely charming, the beauty, strength – we cannot resist.

In Dezember 1999 we got our Samoyed lady called Angie Tamandaré, in Dezember 2001 our son Nikolásek was born. As we did not have so much time for Angie at that point, another Samoyed joined her to be her friend. In 2002 a dog called Xaver Jamamba became a part of our extended family.

We did not plan to show our Sammies, but we went to the Club show, only to give it a try. Angie was greatly admired by the judge, other exhibitors as well as the audience. Needlesss to say this was the beginning of our showing mania.

Our Samoyeds also work in harness, of course not proffesionally, only for fun. Occasionally we do some weightpulling. Angie has achieved nice 3.rd place in her cathegory. Some of our puppies work in harness, for example Buck of Yacker was an excellent leading  dog, Casanova does agility, bikejoring, dogtrekking, while Enngi O´Shakira is great at agility, obedience and dogtrekking (agility 1, agility 2 ). Xaver´s puppies (e.g. Cira Nadeje snu - Alaska) also work in harness.

Our breeding kennel was founded in 2001, the year we decided to breed Angie.  Our kennel is called Vidnavska Zare, "Vidnava" is the town in which we live and "zare" meaning shine, represents the always shining smile of our Angie.  The other members our our pack are myself, my husband Lada, our sons 7 years old Nikolas and 4 months old Matias and five Samoyed bears.

In 2002 our first litter – litter „A“ (Sire: Int.Ch. Snowmist Charming clon). When choosing the best male we headed for health and temperament. Litter “B“ in 2004 (sire: Multi Ch. Cabaka´s Yacker of McCoy) and litter „C“ in 2005 (Int.Ch.Xaver Jamamba).  We kept a bitch – Beauty O´Yacker from „B“ liter. In 2006 Litter „D“ is repeated mating – the same as liter „A“. We decided to repeat the liter as we liked the puppies: very strong bones, excellent temperament and beautiful heades they have!

In 2006 our big DREAM came true: In co-ownership with Kennel Yoshi and us, a new import with fresh English lines,  an adult brood bitch joined our Kennel. Her name is Smiliesam Shakira – ´Kiki´. Our big thanks goes to all at Smiliesams and Hazel Fitzgibbon first of all.This year we have mated Kiki with Xaver after consulting it with Kikiś breeder, litter “E” and so we kept a female from this litter Ester O'Shakira.

Our breeding philosophy -

In our breeding we are aiming for healthy Samoyeds with typical temperament. Puppies from our Kennel and pupies from our stud dog Xaver are not only healthy and successfull at Shows, but also work in a sled, and most of all: they are loving members of their new families, being loved and giving love.

Our breeding philosophy is to breed healty Samoyeds with excellent friendly agile temperament. With strong bones, great pigment, dark almond eyes and quality coat. Our Samoyeds are not family dogs, they are really true members of our family. WE socialize the puppies from the beginning. We want our Samoyeds to be a multipurpose dogs, not only family dogs.

Our Samoyeds are fed with quality food, puppies get extra vitaming for their bones and teeth development.

Samoyeds live together with us, they are members of our family, we want to create the best conditions for their life. They are with us at home or they have a big garden just for themselves (1000 m2). Our Sammies meet a lot of people, who come to visit them, give them treats, play. We also do some jogging and walking with them often.

We want our puppies to be socialized. Our whelping box is in our house, where we supervise the birth and first weeks of our puppies. Brood bitches have maximum comfort and peace. Puppies stay in our house 4-5 weeks and only then they are put out to their outside house. Puppies are let to be with adult Samoyeds to learn from them, just like it used to be long time ago! They are watched over: dewormed, vaccinated, we see how they grow every day. They get socialized also by playing with our son, 7 years old Nikolas, who teaches them tricks.

Our puppies go to families, which we choose very closely and we keep in touch with them. We get informed about their lives, health, temperament, we get photos and letters from their new owners, who are haqppy with puppies from uor Kennel. We also meet at Shows and Fun days, so we definitely keep the eye on our puppies.

 We chose Samoyed for his unconditional love showing to all mankind, for his smile and shining happy eyes.  Samoyed knows his place is always by your side. He will always love you, protect you, share everything with his man – his friend.

Our first meeting with our first Samoyed  Angie is a memory we will treasure in our hearts for all the time and Angie is the one we want to say Thank you, because it was you who showed us that the rest of our lives will be from now on shared with Samoyeds.